What if there was a technology...

...which standardized construction monitoring and oversight across your institution?

...that identified risks more accurately and consistently?

...that reduced loan administration and staffing costs?

...that provided secure access to encrypted data?

...that enhanced underwriting and credit decisions?

...that fostered better portfolio management and ultimately, more profits?


The technology is here today.

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StructDB in the Construction Funding Workflow


The StructDB Solution

In the white paper: Key Problems in the Construction Funding Environment, we discussed the problems facing commercial construction funding.

Now let's find out how StructDB fits in, meeting all the needs of challenging funding workflows.


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Standardization, Security, Data Leveraging

StructDB™ is a technology platform for construction monitoring, risk assessment, reporting and delivery.

StructDB streamlines the construction lending process for commercial lenders, providing a better way to monitor and manage risk.

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Industry Need

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Better Information. Better Decisions. Superior Results.

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StructDB has extensive report generation capabilities built in. Site Visit Reports, Analysis Charts, management reports, overview reports, requisition histories, invoices, cover pages -- all use standardized terminology and clear formatting, and are created with the click of a button.


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Secure Document Management


StructDB is a robust document management system. It enables rapid search and retrieval of all project documents and in-line viewing of all PDFs.  It supports an unlimited number of concurrent users and controls access via permissions.

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Analysis Tools

 StructDB features a comprehensive suite of analysis tools. These include charts which track division cost breakdowns, project progress and division progress. In addition, the suite offers rankings of projects which are most behind schedule and most over-budget, allowing the lender to quickly focus on the most critical projects. In conjunction with Actor dossiers, which show the track records of project participants, lenders can quickly determine problem areas and individuals associated with a project.

While Struct's analysis tools are comprehensive, they are also user-friendly. Lenders can utilize analysis tools with very little training.


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