Analysis Tools


StructDB features an extensive suite of analysis tools. These include charts which track division cost breakdowns, project progress and division progress. In addition, the suite offers rankings of projects which are most behind schedule and most over-budget, allowing the lender to quickly focus on the most critical projects. In conjunction with Actor dossiers, which show the track records of project participants, lenders can quickly determine problem areas and individuals associated with a project.



While the analysis tools are comprehensive, they are also user-friendly. Lenders can utilize analysis tools with very little training.
Progress Charts enable you to track and identify project trends quickly and easily, including problematic developments.


  • Cost-to-Complete
  • Total-Complete-and-Stored-to-Date
  • Change Orders
  • Track on- and off-site stored materials and whether they are invoiced.
  • Track the progress of each division throughout the project life.
  • Learn the costs of each division at a glance.
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