StructDB in the Construction Funding Workflow



The StructDB Solution

In the white paper: Key Problems in the Construction Funding Environment, we discussed the problems facing commercial construction funding.

Now let's find out how StructDB fits in, meeting all the needs of challenging funding workflows.

A solution must embrace... 

  • Standardized reporting and terminology
  • Notification features
  • Rapid information sharing
  • Data Validation
  • Identify problem projects and actors
  • Rapid deployment with little integration hassle
  • Identify trends and anomalies
  • Secure document management


The Big Picture


StructDB plugs in to existing workflows, delivering streamlined benefits.


Data Flow

All weaknesses of organizational scenarios within lending institutions are significantly eliminated by the introduction of the StructDB system.


Streamlined Silo Workflow

StructDB facilitates information sharing between company silos and specialty departments.



  • StructDB is secure, tested and ready for deployment
  • StructDB accelerates and streamlines the project review and disbursement process through automation and standardization, yielding the lender a competitive market advantage
  • StructDB reduces overhead costs by consolidating or eliminating loan administration and processing functions
  • StructDB enhances underwriting standards and serve as an important risk assessment
  • StructDB permanently stores documents for easy retrieval at any time
  • StructDB provides real time project data
  • StructDB can be customized to meet individual lender/investor policy requirements
  • StructDB is accessible anywhere, through a local network or remotely
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